Heshoutang natural health system is a complete natural health system, it can help the most health issues people have, it targets ordinary people to have the natural health business. It is easily to learn, proven by over hundreds of students and highly effective, proven by over tens of thousand of clients, it is the world #1 natural health system.

Herpes on Upper Lip Vanished in Just 15 Days: A Holistic Healing Journey

Imagine suffering from the discomfort of herpes on your upper lip. Now, envision finding a holistic solution that not only provides relief but also addresses the root cause. This is the story of one individual's journey to healing, shedding light on the connection between herpes and a condition known as 'hot dampness toxin.' Understanding the Culpr...

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Leech Therapy

Leech therapy, also known as hirudotherapy, is a traditional medical practice that involves the application of medicinal leeches (Hirudo medicinalis or other related species) to the skin for therapeutic purposes. This practice has a long history and has been used in various cultures for centuries. During leech therapy, the leeches are applied to sp...

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A Way to Deal with Poisonous Spider Bite

There are several species of spiders that are considered venomous and have the potential to cause harm to humans. It's important to note that while these spiders possess venom, they typically only bite in self-defense and are not aggressive toward humans unless provoked. Here are some examples of venomous spiders: Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus sp...

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What we can remember from a patient's response

One of my patients came to visit me a week ago, she is 57 years old, she came because she got a lump over her left foot, we recommended Mensesbalance and RheuBeatPlus with big dosage, after 3 days taking, she got spotting and hot sensation of urination, she got scared and stopped taking the products and wanted to return the products ...

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We have a patient having serious waist & knee pain

We have a patient that has not gone to the office for 3 months because she is having serious waist pain and knee pain which cannot allow her to move at all. Stomach dull pain, dull pain around belly button, bitter mouth, normal stools, itchy eyes. Waist or lower back, knees are connected with KB system, a lot of pain over there and the patient feel...

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A breast cancer patient in natural health

We have breast cancer patient, 46 years old, prefer hot foods, easily sweating at daytime, sharp pain on lower back, stool normal, discomfort on sides of body, numbness on toes, blurred vision, slight chest pain and slight insomnia, with hot flashes, in 2015 I removed the lump, after that I took chemotherapy 8 sessions; 2020 Idid breast mastotomy, ...

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A diabetes patient in natural health

We have a diabetes patient, 35 years old, one year and seven month: No appetite, serious burning stomach, often thirsty much, easily hungry much, yellow sticky phlegm, lower back sore and sharp pain, stool hard start only, no sex desire, discomfort on sides of body, easily angry, depression, headache in top of head, blurred vision, sleepy, dre...

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Kidney failure patient in natural health

We have one new patient who has kidney failure and does dialysis three times a week, everything normal except heart attack history, pain on lower back and cold waist knees and legs, this kind of case is KB fire low and circulation is not so well. We need to use Reno Fire Pill(RFP Capsule) + RheuBeatPlus(RBP Capsule) for the beginning, till the pati...

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A really helpful way to help your kids growth

Many American children will lock themselves in the room, lie in bed, play games with phones, ipads, or computers after school, many parents will simply leave them because they can enjoy their own time, but it is really bad for children to let them do this kind of thing alone, it will generate autism or other psychological problems with other health...

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Wearing earphones is bad for you

Wearing earphones is a habit for many people nowadays, people are enjoying musics, news with it.  But in the past months, I have received at least three young people who have got thyroid cancer, they have no other bad habits except wearing earphones all day long, I think it is radiation of earphones makes them to get thyroid cancer. So I advis...

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Causes of bad health|Food & Drinks

People who suffer from an imbalance between water and fire energy can cause a person to become unhealthy. According to Heshoutang Natural Health, there are three causes of illness: Emotions.Weather.Consumption of food & drink intake, work & leisure, heredity, and sex. Food/Drinks Foods and drinks have five temperature properties and six tas...

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Causes of bad health|Work & Leisure

People who suffer from an imbalance between water and fire energy can cause a person to become unhealthy. According to Heshoutang Natural Health, there are three causes of illness: Emotions.Weather.Consumption of food & drink intake, work & leisure, heredity, and sex. Work/Leisure Watching, talking, lying, sitting, standing, walking, and th...

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Heshoutang Diagnosis Concepts|Phelgm

 PHLEGM Phlegm is generated from SS. Phlegm is stored in LL, joints, and other spaces of the body.Phlegm is normal stuff, such as LL is using phlegm for keeping the system clean, and joints and body spaces are using phlegm to supply nutrients. Phlegm is a natural substance that the LL uses to maintain a clean system, while joints and body spac...

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Spirit/Mind definition which possibly you do not know

Mind is the key of your health and wealth and it is the best solution for your health and wealth.What your think, what you will be.Mind dominates the action, the action makes the results.There are three kinds of mind/spirit in human being body: Self Mind, Parents Mind, Educated Mind.Self MindSelf Mind decides who you are.Make self recovery system w...

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Fever what you need to reacquaint

Fever belongs to self-protection or recovery system of your body.It is a stress response of your body to fight against enemies.Bring down the fever only without removing enemies is not right. That is why so many people will have a lot of lungs system problems for later, such as nasal polyps, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and even lungs cancer etc.To ...

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Heshoutang Culture

Heshoutang Belief: To be trust and honesty.Heshoutang Mission: To disseminate & transfer natural health to the world.Aim Location: To create the natural health big family.Brand Awareness: Insist on one Brand, Heshoutang brand to run the business globally.Team Consciousness: To work as one.For Work: Work is life.For Team Members: Team members ar...

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World #1 Natural Health System

There are two kinds of natural health business existing in the world: One is the single formula product for treating all people who have certain diseases. It could be done in a big way, but the effect of the product is not good, because one formula product could only work for some patients, but may not work for all people. No individualized treatme...

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Inflammation what you need to reconsider

Inflammation belongs to self-protection or self-recovery system of your body.It is your body using your own soldiers including your immune system to fight against enemies.Dismissing your soldiers only by anti inflammation to relieve the symptoms is not right, it will make chronic inflammation.To remove enemies or help your soldiers to remove enemie...

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To Tell the Correct Health Plan Yourself

To tell the health plan if it is correct for you, you just need the simple rule below to decide if you need follow the health plan or not:(1) You are better and better when you take it,(2) You are better or healed when you stop it,(3)Your problem is not coming back after you stop itThen it is the correct plan for your health, otherwise you have to ...

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Do you really know diabetes?

Blood Sugar plays an important role in human body. 80% ATP(Energy Carrier) of human body is from sugar, 20% ATP of human body is from protein and fat.Diabetes is from that human body organs' functions are in disorder.High blood sugar level is a stress response from functions' disorders of organs. In another way, when your body does not function wel...

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