A really helpful way to help your kids growth


Many American children will lock themselves in the room, lie in bed, play games with phones, ipads, or computers after school, many parents will simply leave them because they can enjoy their own time, but it is really bad for children to let them do this kind of thing alone, it will generate autism or other psychological problems with other health problems for children, it will cut a good relationship between children and parents because children communicate through games with parents. 

There's a good way I'm using these days that really works; every night I take all my kids to the skatepark, when skating we have more communication with our kids and they have more social communication with other people there. Children's bodies are built up, the children's minds have become stronger. No matter how much time you can spend with them, it matters that you keep doing it, make it a habit of your family, you'll have a nice and great family.

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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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