A diabetes patient in natural health

We have a diabetes patient, 35 years old, one year and seven month: No appetite, serious burning stomach, often thirsty much, easily hungry much, yellow sticky phlegm, lower back sore and sharp pain, stool hard start only, no sex desire, discomfort on sides of body, easily angry, depression, headache in top of head, blurred vision, sleepy, dre...

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Basic Products to Use for Common Diseases

Acid Reflux: StomachPlus + HappyForte Acne: BloodDetox Anxiety/Depression: HappyForte Alzheimer's disease: Reno Fire Pill + RheuBeatPlus Arthritis: RheuBeat + RheuBeatPlus + ClotBroker Arrhythmia: Heart Pill + RheuBeatPlus Back Sore Pain: Reno Water Pill Bad Breath: BloodDetox Blurred Vision: Eastern Coffee Calculus(Stones): In LG RoClear + HappyFo...

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¿De verdad conoces la diabetes?

Bien, ahora explicaremos el capítulo 12 del sistema de salud natural de Heshoutang, se llama diabetes en el sistema de salud natural de Heshoutang. Ya conoces la diabetes, creo que casi todo el mundo la conoce, pero de hecho hoy te explicamos la diabetes en el sistema de salud natural de Heshoutang, porque realmente existe un malentendido sobre la ...

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