We have a patient having serious waist & knee pain


We have a patient that has not gone to the office for 3 months because she is having serious waist pain and knee pain which cannot allow her to move at all. Stomach dull pain, dull pain around belly button, bitter mouth, normal stools, itchy eyes.

Waist or lower back, knees are connected with KB system, a lot of pain over there and the patient feels that it looks like there is stone in and it is very heavy, because stools are normal, so it should be KB fire and energy both low with circulation not so well there, we need double dose RenoNature(RN) and RheuBeatPlus(RBP) to deal with, RN is for replenishing KB fire and water energy peacefully, RBP is for improving circulation; stomach dull pain and dull pain arround belly button, bitter mouth are connected with LG energy stasis while circulation problems are there too, can use HappyForte for smoothing LG energy flow. 

In order to enhance circulation improving power, we add Clot Broker(CB) at the beginning, so the plan is RN + RBP + CB + HF with double dose 4/4/4 to take care. If the patient has financial issues, at least RN + RBP + CB at the beginning. 

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