Kidney failure patient in natural health

We have one new patient who has kidney failure and does dialysis three times a week, everything normal except heart attack history, pain on lower back and cold waist knees and legs, this kind of case is KB fire low and circulation is not so well. We need to use Reno Fire Pill(RFP Capsule) + RheuBeatPlus(RBP Capsule) for the beginning, till the pati...

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Heshoutang Diatnosis Form|Kidney & Bladder System

Kidney & Bladder (KB) KB dominates shock and scare. If a person often gets shocked and/or scared, it will harm their KB. KB generates confidence, controls memory, and connects with bones, bone marrow, spine, spine marrow, and brain. KB also connects with sex and fertility. KB controls urine and defecation. Even ears, hair, and teeth are under t...

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