A breast cancer patient in natural health


We have breast cancer patient, 46 years old, prefer hot foods, easily sweating at daytime, sharp pain on lower back, stool normal, discomfort on sides of body, numbness on toes, blurred vision, slight chest pain and slight insomnia, with hot flashes, in 2015 I removed the lump, after that I took chemotherapy 8 sessions; 2020 Idid breast mastotomy, after that I took chemotherapy 6 sessions and radiotherapy 10 sessions for my right leg; in 2022 I did radiotherapy 10 sessions for my left leg and upper spine, I eat normal.

From this patient information, I can see how she is suffering from it. "prefer hot foods, easily sweating at daytime, stool normal" show her fire energy is low, it is because so many times surgery and so many times chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it will hurt her original fire energy so much, her hot flashes are fake and it is from fire toxin of chemo and radio, so we can not use cold formula and sure we can not use strong fire energy formulas for her now, we need MensesBalance(MB) for it, energy recovery is very important; breast cancer patient LG energy stasis and we have to use HappyForte(HF); "numbness on toes, blurred vision, slight chest pain" and also because breast cancer show blood blockage. 

So we consider RheuBeatPlus(RBP) to improve circulation and with CANTICER(CT CAPSULE) to limit possible cancer cells growth. So MB + HF + RBP + CT 3/3/3 dose, two bottles each for two weeks and then see the next step.

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Thursday, 18 April 2024

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