Causes of bad health|Work & Leisure


People who suffer from an imbalance between water and fire energy can cause a person to become unhealthy. According to Heshoutang Natural Health, there are three causes of illness:

  • Emotions.
  • Weather.
  • Consumption of food & drink intake, work & leisure, heredity, and sex.


  • Watching, talking, lying, sitting, standing, walking, and thinking are all forms of work and leisure. They are part of everyday life.
  • Overwatching consumes LG energy and causes itchy eyes, dry eyes, and blurred vision. The solution to any of these conditions is to close one's eyes.
  • Talking too much can lead to dry mouth, dry throat, crispy voice, and even weak energy due to the use of LL energy. The best solution to any of these conditions is to stop talking.
  • Lying down too long consumes body energy and makes one weak and lazy. The solution to either of these problems is to get up.
  • Over-sitting consumes SS energy and causes muscle problems. Standing is the solution.
  • Over-standing will consume KB energy and cause bone pain. Walking is the solution.
  • LG's energy will be consumed by over-walking, resulting in tendon problems. The solution is to sit down.
  • Overthinking will consume SS energy and result in low appetite and even muscular problems. The solution to either of these is to stop thinking.
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