Causes of bad health|Emotions


People who suffer from an imbalance between water and fire energy can cause a person to become unhealthy. According to Heshoutang Natural Health, there are three causes of illness:

  • Emotions.
  • Weather.
  • Consumption of food & drink intake, work & leisure, heredity, and sex.


Humans have seven types of emotions: laughter, anger, sadness, sorrow, thinking, shock, and fear. People will show different feelings depending on their perspective; if their feelings are unbearable, their bodies will suffer. Emotions are the primary cause when it comes to developing a disease.

  • Laughter: HS generates laughter. Moderate laughter is a normal function of the HS, but excessive laughter slows down the energy flow and damages the HS.
  • Anger: LG generates anger. Moderate anger is one type of normal function of LG. The flow of energy is accelerated, and LG is harmed by excessive anger.
  • Sadness/Sorrow: LL generates sadness/sorrow. Moderate sadness/sorrow is one type of normal function of LL. Excessive sadness/sorrow will consume energy and harm LL.
  • Shock/Fear: KB generates shock/fear. Moderate shock/fear is one type of normal function of KB. Excessive shock will interrupt energy flow, while excessive fear will cause a loss of energy through the KB, causing harm.
  • Thinking: SS generates thinking. Overthinking causes the flow of energy to become stuck, harming the system. 
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Causes of bad health|Weather
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