How Your Heart Works


Heart & Small intestine system (HS) is the king of the body. It controls human awareness and dominates joy/laugh; too much joy/laugh will hurt HS.

  • HS is the house of Educated Mind. It is in the center of HS.
  • HS is the king of your body; it controls your perception & consciousness.
  • HS dominates joy/laughter; too much joy/laughter will harm HS.
  • HS controls blood flow and circulation in your body.
  • HS is connected to the face and tongue. Conditions involving the face and tongue will show HS. Having a pale face indicates your HS fire energy is low, having a red face signifies your HS fire toxicity is high, and if you feel your tongue stops moving suddenly and it occurs periodically, it indicates that you may have suffered a heart attack.
  • HS controls sleep; good sleep needs strong HS.
  • HS fire energy will aid in the digestion of food and drinks.
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