How Your Liver Works


Liver & Gallbladder system (LG) dominates anger, too much anger will harm LG and will make LG energy stasis or stuck attacking all of the body instead of smoothing all of body energy.

  • LG generates decisions; clear, correct and quick decision making depends on strong LG.
  • LG keeps all of the body energy smooth to support HS (Heart & Small Intestine System) and ensures the whole body has proper blood circulation.
  • LG aids digestion by releasing gallbladder juice into the intestine. If LG energy is in stasis or stuck, gallbladder juice is pushed into the SS system, causing a bitter taste in the mouth. LG energy needs to be smoothed to help resolve this issue.
  • LG detoxifies the body's toxins, or the toxins generated by food intake.
  • LG stores blood. When people sleep or rest, most of their blood is stored in LG. If LG isn't working correctly, people might have bleeding issues or vomit blood.
  • LG controls tendons: two sides of the head, and both sides under the arms. Any discomfort or pain in these areas indicates LG dysfunction.
  • LG is connected to nails and eyes. We need to work on LG in order to improve the nails or improve eyesight.
  • LG affects fertility, breasts, ovaries, and uterus in women. In order for these parts to function properly, the LG must be healthy.
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