How Your Liver Works

Liver & Gallbladder system (LG) dominates anger, too much anger will harm LG and will make LG energy stasis or stuck attacking all of the body instead of smoothing all of body energy. LG generates decisions; clear, correct and quick decision making depends on strong LG.LG keeps all of the body energy smooth to support HS (Heart & Small Inte...

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Heshoutang Diagnosis Concepts|Low/High

Heshoutang diagnosis is based on several key concepts found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and we recommend that anyone consulting with Heshoutang clients become familiar with them. When assessing a client's health challenges, these concepts provide a more comprehensive understanding. Ask the right questions, evaluate, write your report, and reco...

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How Your Heart Works

Heart & Small intestine system (HS) is the king of the body. It controls human awareness and dominates joy/laugh; too much joy/laugh will hurt HS. HS is the house of Educated Mind. It is in the center of HS.HS is the king of your body; it controls your perception & consciousness.HS dominates joy/laughter; too much joy/laughter will harm HS....

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Explicación detallada de la definición de salud con video

 Bien, ahora explicaremos el capítulo 7 del sistema de salud natural de Heshoutang, se llama Definición de salud en el sistema de salud natural de Heshoutang. Usted sabe que estamos haciendo el negocio de la salud natural, y estamos usando nuestro propio sistema de salud natural para hacer el negocio para tratar con los clientes o pacientes o ...

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