Watery diarrhea solutions in natural health


Watery diarrhea refers to people having diarrhea like water spraying out, it could be high frequency up to over 10 times a day, it is KB fire energy low, the patient generally will have pale face, weak energy, cold belly, cold legs, cold lower back and even feel freezing, we need Reno Fire Pill(RFP) with ginger and brown sugar tea to work it out by replenishing KB fire energy. 

But high frequency does not mean people have watery diarrhea we refer to. There is one patient who goes to bathroom over ten times a day, but with burning sensation in belly and anus, he eats a lot of spicy every day, when he goes to bathroom, he will also have watery diarrhea, but this watery diarrhea is not KB fire energy low, it is from too much spicy, spicy food is hot and acrid, if not too much, it could make constipation, if too much it will make acrid diarrhea, so for this kind of patient, we can not use RFP, firstly we need advise the patient to reduce or avoid spicy foods before they are good, then we need HappyForte(HF) + BloodDetox(BD) to help clean spicy toxins.❤️

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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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