How to lose weight in natural health


Many people are too concerned about their figures and are looking for or using any possible ways to make their figures more excellent, such as diet control. They want to use diet control to lose weight which can work but not permanently. They are making their bodies weaker because the body needs various nutrients to supply energy.

The worst is that many people are taking drugs or some supplements which can reduce appetite to lose weight, it will destroy your stomach system, you will become weaker and weaker, many people already died from this kind of drugs or pills. It is not the way people should use to lose weight.

In natural health, obesity is one kind of imbalance of your water and fire energy too; It is your whole or partial body fire energy low, water toxin excessive together with energy stasis or blood blockage.

Obesity could be from your abnormal emotions, such as excessive anger, sadness, overthinking, and fear. It could also be from your greedy mind, irregular food intake, especially eating foods at midnight. When you are overfull of your stomach at every meal, you will break the regular functions of your digestive system to make you overweight. Too much work, sex, or entertainment will break your water and fire energy balance into obesity.

 We have some general advice below:

  1. Try to remove your greedy mind on certain things, what you think is what you will be, what your figure will be, your figure is just a show of your mind, people with obesity must have greedy mind on something, try to find out that and change it, it is the first step for you to get a nice figure.
  2. Try to keep happy every day because anger, fear, sadness, and worry will do nothing to help your life and work, making things worse instead.
  3. Try to eat everything you can, but not full your stomach, always keep 20%+- empty of your stomach, do not take food after 10:00 pm.
  4. Do not work or play too much. Try to avoid night work or play, especially the whole night of work or play.
  5. Build up your exercise habit, at least 2 miles of quick walk or running every morning together with other kinds of exercise that you can do such as stretching tendons of your body.

Bad health is from your bad habits. If you want to fix your obesity, you have to find answers or ask suitable natural health suppliers to help you find out why you got obese. According to the factors we mentioned above, work on the reasons, and you can get a nice figure finally.

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Cecilia Gracia (website) on Friday, 21 October 2022 19:11

Me gustaría saber cómo puedo perder peso con cosas naturales y nivelar mi presión y azúcar en la sangre. Sentirme con energía y saludable.

Me gustaría saber cómo puedo perder peso con cosas naturales y nivelar mi presión y azúcar en la sangre. Sentirme con energía y saludable.
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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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