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As we have explained in other articles, if your body is functioning well, your water and fire energy are balanced, and you are healthy, you are the best health detector for yourself.

To tell if your body is functioning well or not, you do not need to use so many disease names. There are over 10000 disease names now, more and more unknown diseases are happening almost every day. You need to focus on symptoms to tell if you are healthy or not. It is simply because the symptoms are what you can feel and see; it is simple also because you have limited symptoms.

If you want to know more about what's wrong with the symptoms you have, there are also simple concepts for you to understand your body deeper:

Low & High describes the imbalanced energy levels in Heshoutang natural health system. Water energy low means water energy is short in your body. Water energy high means water toxin (water retention & effusion) or cold toxin(cold invasion) is excessive in your body. Fire energy low means fire energy is short in your body. Fire energy high means fire toxin is excessive in your body. When you have symptoms such as hot flashes, sore pain in your waist, sweating during sleep, bad breath, ulcer, constipation, etc., it means your water energy is low, or the fire toxin is excessive. Replenishing the water energy and cleaning the fire toxin is the solution; when you have symptoms such as watery stool, freezing body, etc., your fire energy is low; we need to replenish the fire energy.

Energy Stasis can describe the energy flow status; it means that your energy flow is at stasis level, not at smooth level. Generally, it shows that your problems are at a functional level. Medical instruments typically can't detect them in the earlier stage, and finding solutions is more effortless. When you have symptoms such as movable stomach pain, movable pain around the belly button, stomach bloating, acid reflux, bitter mouth, stool consistently hard, easily angry, anxiety & depression, headache in two sides of the head, painful eyes, etc.; your energy flow is stasis. Smoothing your energy flow is the solution.

Blood blockage/stuck describes blood flow status. Blood flow is in a blockage/stuck level, not in a smooth level. Generally, it shows your problems are at an organic level and in the middle or late stage. Medical instruments could detect it, and deal with them can be more challenging. Consider circulation improvement when dealing with all health issues because all organs need to get enough nutrients from the blood circulation to recover. When you have symptoms such as stomach dull, sharp pain, wounds hard to heal, acute pain on the waist, spine, bones, knees, and testicles, chest pain/oppression, menstrual clots, joints pain, etc., it means that you have blood blockage issues, breaking the blockage is the solution.

Phlegm is generated by the stomach system and s stored in the lungs, joints, and intervals. It is something standard for keeping the body working normally. If the phlegm is excessive, it could attack all organs of the body. It is classified as internal phlegm and external phlegm toxin. Symptoms such as cough with white, thin, and clear phlegm or cough with yellow and sticky phlegm, runny nose, stool with mucus, etc., show that you have phlegm toxin in your body; removing the phlegm is the solution.

The hot toxin is generated internally by water energy low or externally by heat attack. It belongs to fire toxin, can make the functions of the human body at the hyper level and consume water energy by burning your body. If you have symptoms such as bad breath, severe thirst, serious hungry, acne, always hard stool, hot flashes, and much red face, etc., it means you have a hot toxin in your body, cleaning the hot toxin is the solution.

Hot dampness toxin is generated by greasy and spicy foods or from hot, humid weather. It is a very stubborn toxin that makes people feel bored, and it needs a longer time to treat. If you have symptoms such as burning urine, dripping urine, painful urine, frequent urine, etc., it means that you have hot dampness toxin in your body. Cleaning it is the solution.

With the above basic concepts, you can know your health and health issues in another way. Also, you will learn the basic ideas on how to deal with the problems you have; if you want to get deeper study or knowledge, you can apply for a learner account by clicking the links below to learn Heshoutang natural health system.

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