Toxicity is eligible for describing herbs or herbal products

  • Toxicity refers to the bias of herbs or herbal products.
  • Herbs or herbal products have strong and powerful property.
  • Toxicity does not means that the herbs are bad.
  • Many times we use toxicity of the herbs to remove the problems.
  • If we can use toxic herbs correctly, your problems can be solved.
  • Correctness is the only word to describe herbs.
  • Individualization health is the only the correct health to keep people safe when using natural health.

Ok, now we will explain the 11th chapter of Heshoutang natural health system, it is called toxicity of herbs. You know in the last chapter we mentioned "side effects & herbs", and we mentioned the toxicity of herbs in that chapter too. But today we will explain specially about "the toxicity of herbs", so our people can have certain clear information about the toxicity of herbs.

Toxicity refers to the bias of herbs or herbal products. What is the bias, the bias is in fact we can say the preferred feature.

You know in the herbs or the herbal products knowledge, we did not use the structure to describe the herbs or herbal products, we did not use the structure decides function, we did not use this kind of knowledge to describe the herbs, what we will use? We use temperature and taste, so it is a different system compared with conventional medicine, especially for the temperature, it is classified as cool, cold, warm, hot and neutral, so generally we mention four temperatures like cool, cold, warm and hot. And what is the temperature bias of the herbs, we can say if this kind of herb is very cold and we can say this kind of herb has the cold bias, if this herb is very hot, and we can say this herb has the hot bias. In another way, the cold herbs have the cold toxicity, the hot herbs have the hot toxicity.

You know the cold and hot is strong power, we can say strong cold or strong hot, in another way we can say strong cold toxicity or strong hot toxicity, but why we say the toxicity or toxic herbs are not meaning they are bad, it is because for the natural health knowledge or the traditional chinese medicine knowledge, when we are describing the problems or health issues of human beings, we also have to tell or we also use the cold or the hot features to describe it. I just give an example, if the people have the watery diarrhea, watery diarrhea tells you in your body wherever your digestion system or your kidney system, it has the cold toxin in the system, this cold toxin makes you have the watery diarrhea, so when we are seeing this, we will use the hot toxicity herbs or hot toxic herbs to manage this kind of problems, so cold toxin in your body, we use hot toxic herbs or hot toxic formula products to deal with it, you will be fine, your problems will be healed, your energy will be balanced, so that is why we say the toxicity does not means this herb or that herb is bad, the only way to describe the herbs or herbal products is if this herb or this formula or this product is correct for you or not, if it is correct for you, even strong toxic herbs or formulas can fix your problems, can solve your problems down, can make you healthy, the first important is what, after this strong toxic herbs fixed your problems, you should stop it timely, that is the key.

That is why we need individualization health, we have to have the well-trained or qualified members to give your guidance, to make you stop the formulas especially the strong herbs or the formulas or the products. So the only way is if it is correct for you or not, the correctness is the only word to describe the herbs or the herbal products. Ok? So toxicity does not mean you can not use it, it depends on what kind of problems you have, what kind of property problems you have, and then you can be ok with even the toxin herbs or herbal products. I hope this kind of information can help you to understand natural health correctly and deeply. Thank you.

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