Spirit/Mind definition which possibly you do not know

meditation energy
  • Mind is the key of your health and wealth and it is the best solution for your health and wealth.
  • What your think, what you will be.
  • Mind dominates the action, the action makes the results.
  • There are three kinds of mind/spirit in human being body: Self Mind, Parents Mind, Educated Mind.
  • Self Mind
    • Self Mind decides who you are.
    • Make self recovery system work in the perfect level.
    • It is spontaneous, selfless, peaceful, broad-minded, fearless, and happy.
  • Self mind controls the body when:
    • Less than 3 years old.
    • Practice Qigong in high level.
    • When you are sleeping.
    • When crisis happens.
  • Parents mind
    • You get it from your parents.
    • It is parents love and support for you.
  • Educated mind
    • It is from society.
    • It is passive, selfish, irritable, narrow-minded, craven and worried.
    • It controls people most of the time.
    • It makes self-recovery system working in low level.
  • We should respect God, respect parents, respect people, keep spontaneous, selfless, peaceful, broad-minded, fearless and happy, then your Self Mind will be in charge of your body, your self recovery system will work in a perfect level, your health and wealth key will be in your hand.

Mind is the key of your Health & Wealth

Heshoutang practices natural health and encourages the same for everyone. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the human mind, also known as spirit, has interesting and incredibly powerful effects on how healthy that person is. Therefore, we must understand the key to healthy living: your mind and spirit.

The mind is the determinant of everything, including your health and wealth since it dominates action and action determines results. In order to serve you better, everyone should know what the mind is and what state it should be in. Your life will become more fulfilling when you understand this concept.

The human mind/spirit is classified as: SELF mind/spirit, PARENTS mind/spirit and EDUCATED mind/spirit.

SELF mind/spirit:

Your self-spirit, created by God, determines who you are. It is spontaneous, selfless, peaceful, open-minded, fearless, and happy. The human body has its own self-recovery system. As long as your self-spirit is controlling your body, a self-recovery system can work perfectly. When you are under 3 years old, your self-spirit controls your body, because most people are unable to remember things that happened before that age; when you practice Qigong at a higher level; when you are sleeping; when a crisis happens.

PARENTS mind/spirit:

Parents' mind/spirit are the minds we inherit from our parents, such as behavioral characteristics, resemblances, and telepathic ability. For example, parental behavioral attitudes like hot-temperedness, anger, and poor decision-making are inherited by their offspring, mimicking moodiness, depression, and anxiety. The transfer of normal cognitive perceptions may serve as a warning to parents that their offspring is at risk.

EDUCATED mind/spirit:

Society influences our educated mind/spirit and controls people most of the time. It is passive, selfish, irritable, narrow-minded, lacking courage, and constantly worrying. The self-recovery system operates at a low level when the mind/spirit controls the body. In order for our SELF MIND to take control of our body.

We need to respect God, our parents and all people, cherish our life, be spontaneous, selfless, peaceful, fearless, and happy. If we do this, our self-recovery system will function optimally. Life is a mirror; what you do will reflect back at you.

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