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In Heshoutang natural health, we define that water energy and fire energy with their interaction to create your life and health. 

Fire energy will make you warm, active, and movable, water energy will make you cool, passive, and quiet, if fire and water energy are at a balanced level, you will be healthy, if fire and water energy are an imbalance level, you will be sick. 

If you feel cold, if your functions are in hypo level such as low blood pressure, low sugar level, action is slow, erectile dysfunction, loose or watery stools, sleepy, no energy, etc., your fire energy is low or water toxin(when energy is excessive, we call toxin and not energy anymore) is relatively excessive, your fire and water energy is imbalance.

If you feel hot or hot flashes, if your functions are in hyper level such as high blood pressure, high sugar level, too much active(Parkinson Disease), premature ejaculation(without erection problem), constipation, insomnia, too much desire for everything, etc., your fire toxin is exessive and your water energy is relative low, your fire, and water energy are imbalance. 

This kind of concept will make you consider your health in another way, if the way you are using can not improve your health, try to think this way, correct knowledge is the first important for you to be healthy, with this concept we will explain the solutions later.

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