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The key to the Heshoutang Natural Health System is "Translating Symptoms to Products." Symptoms are connected to "low energy," "high energy," "energy stasis," "energy stuck or blockage," "Phlegm", "Hot Dampness Toxin," "Cold Toxin," and "Hot Toxin". Products have five types of properties: "cold", "cool", "warm", "hot" and "neutral". The power of products is classified as: "Peaceful", "Medium Power," and "Strong Power".

Heshoutang has created over 40 products with different properties and different powers. We cannot use hot property products for symptoms connected with hot toxin, hot dampness toxin, fire toxin high, even low water energy. We cannot use cold property products for symptoms connected with cold toxin, or low fire energy.

We cannot use strong power products for an extended period of time. Once related symptoms have been eliminated, or greatly improved, we should reduce the dosage to a maintenance level, or stop them, or change to peaceful power products. Heshoutang products normal dosage is 3 capsules at a time, twice daily; higher dosage is 3 capsules at a time, three times daily; double dosage is 6 capsules at a time twice daily, maintenance dosage is 2 capsules at a time, twice daily. Higher dosage or double dosage can be used for serious symptoms or for symptoms where a normal dosage will not work. However, once the symptoms have greatly improved, we should reduce the dosage back to normal. We will use the maintenance dosage after our client is well. The maintenance period could last from months to years, at our clients will.

Cold property products or strong power products are generally taken after meals. Warm, cool, neutral property products, or peaceful power or less strong power products, are generally taken before meals. Products with warm, cool, neutral property and strong power should be taken after meals. Products with less strong power and cold property should be taken after meals.

Products which work for the upper body are generally taken after meals while products which work for lower body are generally taken before meals. When three or more products are used for a patient, we should arrange two products to be taken before meals, then another one or two or three products taken after meals. We should use no more than five products for a patient in one period of treatment. If the patient has more products to use because they have more symptoms, we should consider priority to be placed with the products that can treat the major complaint(s).

When women are menstruating, they should cease their Heshoutang treatment during that time.

Strong Power Products List:

Clot Broker, RheuBeatPlus, Sweating Pill, Lung Fire Pill, Reno Fire Pill, Phlegm Pill, Phlegm Pro Pill, LiverDetox, BloodDetox, WaterGo Pill, RoClear, CANTICERPUS, ToothaKiller, DissHernia, Pain Relief Patch.

Hot Property Products List:

Sweating Pill, Lung Fire Pill, Reno Fire Pill, UPOWER.

Cold Property Products List:

Phlegm Pill, ProstatiCare, Throat Clear Pill, LiverDetox, HepaStopForte, Migrainum Pill, BloodDetox, RoClear, CANTICER, CANTICERPLUS, ToothaKiller.

Six ways to dispel toxin from the body:

Sweating, Urination, Defecation, Vomiting, Menses, Spitting Phlegm. 

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