Basic Products to Use for Common Diseases


Acid Reflux: StomachPlus + HappyForte

Acne: BloodDetox

Anxiety/Depression: HappyForte

Alzheimer's disease: Reno Fire Pill + RheuBeatPlus

Arthritis: RheuBeat + RheuBeatPlus + ClotBroker

Arrhythmia: Heart Pill + RheuBeatPlus

Back Sore Pain: Reno Water Pill

Bad Breath: BloodDetox

Blurred Vision: Eastern Coffee


In LG RoClear + HappyForte,

in KB RoClear + ProstatiCare


Without pains CANTICER + StomachPlus;

With serious pains CANTICER + StomachPlus + Clot Broker; Lungs cancer CANTICERPLUS + StomachPlus

Chest Oppression/Pain: CardiOKare + RheuBeatPlus

Always very hard LiverDetox; hard start only HappyForte

Diabetes: Type II GlucoNature, Type I GlucoNaturePlus

Diarrhea(Watery): Reno Fire Pill

Edema: WaterGo Pill or WaterGo Pill + RheuBeatPlus

Epilepsy: Heart Pill + Phlegm Pro Pill + RheuBeatPlus

Erectile Dysfunction: First month Reno Fire Pill,

Second month UPOWER, third month RenoNature

Fatty Liver: HappyForte + StomachPlus + EasternCoffee

Fibroid: MensesBalance + RheuBeatPlus + HappyForte

Fibromyalgia: RheuBeatPlus + ClotBroker + HappyForte

Gastritis: StomachPlus + HappyForte

Goiter: Phlegm Pro Pill + RheuBeatPlus + HappyForte

Gout: RenoNature+RheuBeatPlus+ClotBroker+BloodDetox

Hernia: DissHernia

Migraine: Migrainum Pill

Hepatitis: HepaStopForte

High Blood Pressure: CardiOKare + BloodDetox

Obesity: DetoXlim

Parkinson: Migrainum Pill + HappyForte + BloodDetox + Reno Water Pill + RheuBeatPlus

Pharyngitis: Throat Clear Pill

Premature Ejaculation(No erection issue):
BloodDetox + Reno Water Pill + MaXemen or UPOWER+

Prostatitis: ProstatiCare

BloodDetox + HappyForte + RheuBeatPlus + Reno Water Pill

Sciatica: RenoNature + RheuBeatPlus + Clot Broker

Sex Organs Infection: RoClear + BloodDetox

Sleepy: Reno Fire Pill

Stroke: RheuBeatPlus + HappyForte + RenoNature

Toothache: ToothaKiller

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