A effective way for serious constipation


We designed LiverDetox(LDX) for serious constipation, but to tell if patients have serious constipation or not, it is not depend on just how often the patients will go to bathroom for defecation, it depends on the stool if it is very dry from the beginning till end of each time or not. 

I have used LDX for the wrong patient once, it is a phone consultation patient, I have got the information that she will just go to bathroom for defecation every four or five days, and then I used LDX for her, but one round is done, her problems are worse, then I rechecked the information with her, she said yes, I have just gone to bathroom for defecation every four or five days, but the stool comes out as soft, this problem is not the case for using LDX, LDX is used for the patient who has serious constipation and the stool from the beginning till the end all dry(KB water energy low, fire toxin high and LG energy stasis), the case I met is KB fire low that the body has no enough power to push stool out regularly, so we need to use HappyForte(HF) + Reno Fire Pill(RFP) to deal with.

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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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