How work & leisure will affect your health


We can say work & leisure is almost the complete life of human beings, people need it, people can not leave it, also because of this, people's health is tightly connected with it. 

Work & leisure are connected with the action of watching, talking, lying, sitting, standing, walking, thinking, and it is what people need for a normal life. 

Over watching will consume the Liver system energy to have dry eyes, itchy eyes, blurred vision, closing eyes is the solution; 

Over talking will consume the Lung system energy to have dry mouth, dry throat, crispy voice, and even weak energy, stopping talking is the solution; 

Overlying down will consume the energy of all body to make people weak and lazy, getting up is the solution; over sitting will consume the Stomach system energy to make muscles problems, standing up is the solution; 

Over standing will consume Kidney system energy to make bones pain, walking is the solution; 

Over walking will consume Liver system energy to make tendon problems, sitting down is the solution; 

Overthinking will consume the Stomach system energy to produce low appetite, and even muscle problems, stopping thinking is the solution, follow the advice above, you will keep healthy.

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Thursday, 18 April 2024

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