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The term is used to describe the flow of blood in the body. The blood flow in the body is blocked or stuck. It is the opposite of being smooth. A stuck or blocked flow of blood indicates the problem is at the organic level and at a middle or late stage. It is a more challenging disease to manage. The person with the blood flow that's stuck or blocked is most likely suffering. Conventional medicine is unable to detect it at this stage. As all body organs and cells need nutrients from blood flow, when we address all types of diseases, we should improve circulation as much as possible to speed recovery.


  • Stomach pain Dull pain or sharp pain
  • Around belly button: Dull pain or sharp pain
  • Wounds hard to heal: It shows body microcirculation is not good and wounds could not get good nutrients to heal
  • Sharp pain on the waist, spine, bones, knees, and testicles shows circulation is blocked or stuck
  • Headache on two sides of head
  • Headache around eyes
  • Painful eyes
  • Chest pain/oppression
  • Dizziness
  • Menstrual clots
  • Menstrual blood: dark color
  • Painful belly before, during and after period
  • Joint pain, shoulder pain
  • Purple dots on tongue or dark purple tongue

Where there is energy stasis or blood blockage, there is pain. 

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