Know herbs for diabetes this way


I have read some information from warm-hearted people who have listed some herbs that are good for diabetes. I just want to remind people which herb is good for diabetes patients depends on the situation of their diabetes. Different diabetes patients could have different body situations, some have cold body situations, some have hot body situations. 

The herbs are classified as cold or hot;  pepper, ginger, cinnamon etc are hot, these herbs can not be taken by diabetes patients who have hot body situation; bitter melon, broadleaf holly leaf, rheum officinale etc. are cold, diabetes patients who have cold body situation can not use them. 

If you want to get a better body situation, you have to know this kind of knowledge to take the correct herbs. The easiest way to see if the herb is good for you or not, you can tell by yourself: after you take the herb, if you feel discomforts in your stomach, this herb is not correct for you, on the contrary, the herb is correct for you.

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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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