You are making yourself sick


When people are sick, they are always looking for other reasons such as virus, bacteria and even blame other people, they are hardly blaming themselves, but in fact people make themselves sick because of their bad habits. 

As we said, the interaction of fire energy and water energy creates life, if fire energy and water energy are in balance level, you are healthy, if fire energy and water energy are in imbalance level, you are sick. 

What makes the imbalance of water and fire energy? It is your bad habits, we have talked about causes of your sickness before, your sickness is from yoru bad emotion habits, bad food & drinks habit, bad sex habit, bad work and leisure habits. 

Bad emotion habits play the first important role on your sickness, because spirit/mind generates emotions, decides your action, the action decides the results of everything related to you.. When you are sick, if you really want to heal yourself, blaming something else will never work, you should look into your own habits first, change your bad habits first, if you can change your bad habits, even though, if you do not receive medical or natural therapies, your own self recovery system will heal you too if your sickness is not so serious. 

To have good emotions, please follow self spirit feature; we need all foods and drinks to supply nutrients for our body, but do not take it too much, always keep 90% full every meal; follow sex instructions here; do not work too much and need manage work and leisure well. Manage everything what you do in a balance level, not less not much, if you keep a happy & peaceful mind, you will not have big health issues.

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