Inflammation what you need to reconsider

  • Inflammation belongs to self-protection or self-recovery system of your body.
  • It is your body using your own soldiers including your immune system to fight against enemies.
  • Dismissing your soldiers only by anti inflammation to relieve the symptoms is not right, it will make chronic inflammation.
  • To remove enemies or help your soldiers to remove enemies is the only correct way to fight inflammation.

Hi ladies and gentlemen, today we will explain the 13th chapter of Heshoutang natural health system, it is called inflammation in Heshoutang natural health system. In fact, inflammation is well known by almost every person I think, because it is a very common word about health. Today the information we will give to the people is also very very important, because it is different from what you already know about the inflammation, let's see the details right now ok?

The inflammation belongs to the self-protection or self-recovery system of your body. In fact for this kind of inflammation mostly the people understand it, and it is your body that is using your own soldiers such as your immune system etc to fight against the enemies. The enemies as everybody knows like the bacteria, the virus, the rubbish what your body produced and something else what does not belong to your body but it is in your body, something like this, ok? Those kinds of stuff can be called enemies, when those of kinds of stuff are invading your body or they are kept in your body can not be taken out by your body, it will make the problems, the inflammation will happen, because your immune system, your body soldiers, your body protection system will fight against with those kinds of stuff which are called enemies of your body or your health.

Dismissing your soldiers by anti inflammation to relieve the inflammation is wrong, this kind of information is what we need to tell or what we need to explain deeply to our people, this is today's key point what we will explain. Generally, for the conventional therapy method, ok? When you get inflammation, they will use the medications or the drugs for anti inflammation, mostly this kind of therapy method will dismiss your soldiers or we can say they will dismiss your immune system cells, that is why the inflammation will disappear right away or it will disappear very quickly, like the symptoms which are connected with inflammation, like red skin, swollen skin, and painful something like this, they will disappear very quickly because the medications to make this kind of results or to make this kind of effect by dismissing your soldiers, by dismissing your immune system cells to against the inflammation.

But all the people we can say they find out when the medications effect is gone, the inflammation comes back again, so you have to take this kind of medications forever and also the longer time you take it the more dose you need it, this kind of therapy in fact does not follow the body's own system working, the body's own self-healing system in fact they want the enemies out and the soldiers fight against with the enemies who invaded your body, they want to take it out, so if you only dismiss your body soldiers without taking the enemies out, that is wrong, at least from the body recovery's point or if you want your body recovery, this way is not right, the correct way is what? To remove enemies or help your soldiers to remove enemies is the only correct way to fight against inflammation. This kind of information is something our people do not know about, when you are taking the anti inflammation therapies, ok? You found, oh my pain disappeared, my swelling disappeared, my red disappeared, it works very fast but later it comes back again, you have to take the medication again and almost all the people already are used to it, they never think why the inflammation keeps staying there, ok? Why do the problems keep staying there, ok? So today the information that we give will remind people to think this way.

If there is a prick pricks into your skin, right? your skin will become red, will become swollen, and will become painful, right? As we said, it is your body soldiers, your immune system cells are fighting against this prick, the correct way is to take this prick out and your soldiers or the immune system cells will dismiss themself, and the inflammation will disappear itself. Think about it, this kind of information or this kind of point we just use two sentences to describe, but it can change your mind, it can change your health, it even can change your life because all over the world most people are doing anti inflammation work for their health ok? Think about this kind of point, if you have any questions you can discuss with me on my social media or email me or can call me. Thank you. 

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