Heshoutang Five Insists

  • Heshoutang insists on one company, one brand, one health system and one management system to run heshoutang business.
    One company is heshoutang, one brand is heshoutang, one health system is heshoutang Natural Health System, one management system is heshoutang management software. It is the only way to build up the strongest natural health entity which can really benefit all people who are involved into heshoutang, we only need set up the correct and reasonable benefit's rule for all people who are working for us.
  • Heshoutang insists on health purpose to run heshoutang business.
    • There are two kinds of natural health business, one is money purpose, the other is health purpose. Heshoutang does every joint of the business on health purpose:
      • Health is the only focus when Heshoutang Members are dealing with clients.
      • Make every efforts to improve and guarantee products quality.
      • Be very serious and strict with Heshoutang system training.
      • Be very serious and strict with Heshoutang system students' qualification.
      • Be very serious and strict with Heshoutang system teachers' qualification.
  • Heshoutang insists on doing good to heshoutang people.
  • Heshoutang insists on setting up wealth-share opportunities for non-heshoutang people or entities
    • By working for heshoutang.
    • By integrating heshoutang system.
    • By investing heshoutang.
  • Heshoutang insists on building up natural health climate for the whole world.
    • By H-MEDIA, the free platform for all of natural health followers, specialists and business owners.
    • Real, useful and helpful information only is allowed in the platform.
    • All of the world natural health followers, specialists and business owners unite together.
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