Heshoutang Diatnosis Form|Liver & Gallbladder System


Liver & Gallbladder(LG)

LG is responsible for decisions, helps digestion, stores blood, and connects the tendons, nails, and eyes. For women, LG controls fertility, breasts, ovaries, and the uterus.

  1. Body sides suffering, easily angry, anxiety and depression: May be caused by LG energy stasis. HappyForte is recommended to smooth LG energy.
  2. Numbness on fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, legs: Caused by blood that becomes stuck. For this issue, RheuBeatPlus is recommended to break the stuck blood.
  3. Serious shaking body: Caused by low water energy, high fire toxin, LG energy stasis, and blood that becomes stuck. Migrainum Pill, HappyForte, RheuBeatPlus and BloodDetox are recommended for this issue.
  4. Headache:
    • If the headache is from Cold/Flu, you can take take 6-12 capsules of Sweating Pill + 6-12 capsules Clot Broker at a time, then you go to bed with thick quilt to get sweat(Remember that you should avoid wind blow from AC and nature; before skin drys, do not go outdoors).
    • Blood stuck/blockage, patients have "needle-pricking headache", "purple dots on the tongue", RheuBeatPlus will work on this kind of headache by breaking blood stuck or blockage.
    • LG energy stasis & fire toxin excessive attacks head, patients have "vertigo", "easily angry", "two sides of body under arms pain or suffering", "bitter mouth", "stool hard at the beginning"/"stool always hard"etc. due to LG energy stasis and fire energy excessive, we recommend Migrainum Pill, HappyForte/LiverDetox, RheuBeatPlus to treat this kind of headache.
    • Phlegm disturbance, patients have "dizziness", "chest oppression", "low appetite", "nausea", "white & greasy tongue coating(cold phlegm)", we need Phlegm Pro Pill to remove the phlegm combined with Clot Broker, StomachPlus and HappyForte.
    • Low KB water energy and fire toxin can cause this problem. People may also have "hot flashes," "sweating during sleep," "sore pain in the waist, knees, and bones," "ears ringing," etc. For this issue, we need to replenish water energy and clear the hot toxin by using Reno Water Pill and BloodDetox.
    • Low KB and SS fire energy and water energy can cause this problem. People may also have "dizziness," "palpitations," "shortness of breath," "vomiting of undigested foods," "easily sweat during the daytime," "fatigue," a "pale face," etc. We recommend StomachPlus, Reno Fire Pill and RheuBeatPlus to treat this kind of headache.
  5. Painful eyes & Blood clotted eyes: LG energy stasis and blood that becomes stuck can cause this problem. HappyForte and RheuBeatPlus are recommended for smoothing LG energy and breaking blood that is stuck.
  6. Itching eyes: Hot dampness toxin, HappyForte is recommended for this problem, if serious, combined with RoClear. If itching eyes are not a main complaint, and there is a circulation improvement formula to be used due to other symptoms, we will not need to consider the formula for itching eyes, because circulation improvement formula will help.
  7. Blurred Vision: It can be caused by many things, but Eastern Coffee should be recommended for improving eyesight.
  8. Vertigo with or without nausea: If patients have vertigo with "red face", "nausea", "bad breath", "hot flashes", "palpitations", "stool hard at the beginning/hard stool always", "too much red tongue with or without cracks, with or without coating" etc., it is KB water energy low, fire toxin high, internal wind is generated, LG energy stasis, Migrainum Pill is used for calming down internal wind combined with HappyForte/LiverDetox, RheuBeatPlus and BloodDetox; if patients have vertigo with "dizziness", "chest oppression", "low appetite", "nausea", "white & greasy tongue coating(cold phlegm)", it is cold phlegm disturbance to make vertigo, we need Phlegm Pro Pill to remove the phlegm combined with Clot Broker, StomachPlus and HappyForte.
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