Heshoutang Diatnosis Form|For Women Only


For Women Only

Menstruation/Period is the mark of woman, it shows if women are healthy or not, it shows if women can have babies or not, it shows original energy situation of women, it is connected with LG system, if menstruation/period is normal, women will have no big health issues.

  1. LG blood low, patients have "menstrual cycle always delayed", "a little menstrual amount or amenorrhoea(worst)", "less milk after baby delivery", "fever" , "all over body pain" etc., big dosage of MensesBalance with RheuBeatPlus is recommended.
  2. Blood stuck/blockage, patients have "a lot of menstrual amount" or "a little of menstrual amount", or "amenorrhoea (worst)", "a lot of blood clots during menstruation", "painful menstruation" etc., RheaBeatPlus and MensesBalance are recommended.
  3. Hot toxin in LG, patients have "menstrual cycle always advanced", "a lot of menstrual amount", "menstrual blood color dark red", "strong menstrual blood smell", "serious thirsty", "burning urine", "too much red tongue with yellow coating", BloodDetox and Reno Water Pill are recommended, if patients also have "stool hard always", add LiverDetox to overcome it, once "stool hard always" is gone, stop LiverDetox.
  4. Cold toxin in LG, patients have "menstrual cycle always delayed", "a little menstrual amount", "dark red menstrual blood", "blood clots during menstruation", "painful menstruation and relieved when putting hot stuff on belly", Reno Fire Pill and RheuBeatPlus are recommended, Reno Fire Pill is used for increasing fire energy of LG to drive cold toxin away, RheuBeatPlus is used for improving circulation of LG, so can make it easier for fire energy working in LG.
  5. LG energy stasis, patients have "menstrual cycle always delayed", "a little menstrual amount", "blood clots during menstruation", "painful menstruation", "breast pain", "suffering two sides under arms", HappyForte and RheuBeatPlus are recommended together with MensesBalance.
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