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Heshoutang Holdings Inc. (/ˈhəʃoʊֽtæŋ/) is an American multinational natural health corporation. Heshoutang is a leading natural health company that takes the mission of benefitting people through natural health. Heshoutang was created in China in 2011, moved to the USA in 2015. After 10 years' efforts, Heshoutang has finished the creation of the Heshoutang Natural Health System and Heshoutang Management System.

In 2018, Heshoutang Holdings Inc. was created and achieved the first round of fundraising at the end of 2020.

Right now we are spreading The Heshoutang Natural Health System and Heshoutang Management System globally under the new structure of the company.


Heshoutang is pronounced as /ˈhəʃoʊֽtæŋ/. "He", is pinyin of the Chinese word "鹤", and its English name is the crane. Crane is a kind of holy bird in Chinese understanding, usually, we regard it as the fairy's riding tool, it stands for some holy things, even stands for the way to gain health & longevity; "shou" is pinyin of the simplified Chinese word "寿", it means health and longevity. For example a 100 years old man, we say it is "gao shou" in chinese, means he is macrobian; "tang" is pinyin of the Chinese word "堂", it can be used in many places to have different meaning, but here it is used for the name of a shop, shop sign or brand name, HeShouTang, means keeping health & longevity, even stands for enough space to developing and realizing our goal. As for business development, there are other meanings, for Heshoutang members, Heshoutang means "a way to work & live", for patients, Heshoutang means "natural health every day".

Heshoutang logo has been registered in multiple countries, USA, UK, EU, Nigeria, China, etc.

  • Mr. Tom Wang is the founder of Heshoutang when he was 13 years old, he had functional kidney failure, after seeing some doctors without any improvement, he decided to study and practice natural health himself, with five years of effort and he was cured with natural health; since then, he decided to dedicate his whole life to the career of natural health. He has been studying and practicing natural health, he also spent 5 years at Shandong First Medical University to obtain his bachelor's degree in Chemical Medicine and 3 years at Fudan Shanghai Medical College university to obtain his master's degree in chemical medicine. After a deeper understanding of natural health and chemical health, he began to think that using the business to spread and develop natural health was the trend of the world. A big and powerful natural  health company is a must, but so far, there is no really powerful natural health company in the whole world.
  • In 2011, the first Heshoutang company was born in Qingdao, China, it was called Qingdao Heshoutang TCM Healthcare Co., Ltd. Within five years, Qingdao Heshoutang had tried in many ways to increase the growth of the natural health business. Qingdao Heshoutang hired licensed traditional Chinese medicine doctors and opened an online hospital to diagnose and treat the patients of the world online, we wanted to see if we could build the big natural health company or not, but it failed; Qingdao Heshoutang was also using wholesale to do the business; even though this wholesale business is ideal for Heshoutang's revenue, it also has its own inadequacy for building a really powerful natural health company.
  • In 2015, Heshoutang Natural Health LLC was created in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, at that time, we had already created our own natural health system that is easy to learn, highly effective, and safe according to individualization health which is the only way to build up a really powerful natural health company and we started to create it. 
  • In 2018, with the individualization health system: The Heshoutang natural health system was born completely with highly effective and safe results from thousands of patients. Heshoutang Holdings Inc. was created at the same time and we began to promote the Heshoutang natural health system among people.  As of today, we have 109 graduates and they are working effectively and safely with the Heshoutang Natural Health System, and also Heshoutang Natural Health System is officially launched in 2021. 
  • In 2019, we created the Heshoutang management system because we discovered that there was no effective management software to run our special health system and we had to create our own management system according to the characteristics of the Heshoutang natural health system. Our own management system is located at Heshoutang Global. 
  • In September 2020, Heshoutang started the first round of fundraising because we discovered that if we wanted to expand the business as quickly as possible, sufficient funds were needed to achieve our goal, now Heshoutang Holdings Inc. is a C-Corp and it belongs to everybody who has invested in us and is working for us.
  • In 2021, we are expanding Heshoutang globally under the efficient preparation of past years' efforts.

Heshoutang Headquarters is located at 9035 N 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051, USA, the office size 10,000.00 square feet with a lot size off 23,000.00 square feet, 50 working rooms with capacity for 120 people.

  • Heshoutang Belief: To be trust & honesty
    • Trust and honesty is the first key of success, it is Heshoutang people's belief and property.
  • Heshoutang Mission: To disseminate & transfer natural health to the world
    • Natural Health is the real defender of human beings, because it is organic, individualized, effective for healing, no side effects, and it is from God directly. Heshoutang is focusing on spreading Natural health to the world and takes it as a mission of Heshoutang.
  • Aim Location: To create natural health big family
    • To disseminate and transfer natural health to the world, is necessary to create a system, this system should be well-planned and cover total natural health including culture, products, and services organically, this organic system is called Natural Health Big Family. To create The Natural Health Big Family is the aim of Heshoutang.
  • Brand Awareness: Heshoutang-Great international natural health brand
    • Every big and famous international company that holds a very strong brand awareness; they have created a good brand and put every effort to promote and protect it, so they can succeed in their fields. For now, there is not a really powerful international natural health brand in the world. To disseminate natural health is Heshoutang's mission, to create a great brand, promote and protect it is the first important step for creating Natural Health Big Family.
  • Team Consciousness: To work as one
    • To create the Natural Health Big Family and a great brand of Natural Health needs team spirit, everyone in Heshoutang should work as one and gather all strength and energy in one goal and realize it, one man can't make a huge building, surely can't make TCM Big Family.
  • For Work: Work is life
    • To create a great career, people in Heshoutang need to have the awareness that work is life. If people like their work and devote themselves to it, they will work sufficiently and happily and won't feel tired. Heshoutang people should have the awareness that "Work is Life".
  • For Team Members: Team members are brothers and sisters
    • Heshoutang team members are brothers and sisters, no envy, no intrigue against each other.
  • For Business Partners: Business partners are friends
    • Heshoutang takes business partners as friends, friends need to understand each other and support each other, and will protect and benefit each other surely under correct rules.
  • For Customers: Customers are the family
    • Heshoutang takes customers as family members, Heshoutang will consider any requests from customers if reasonable, and Heshoutang is creating the best service system for customers according to their requests, suggestions and advice.
  • For Society: Contribute to the society, contribute to the world
Five Insists
  • Heshoutang insists on one company, one brand, one health system, and one management system to run heshoutang business.
    • One company is heshoutang, one brand is heshoutang, one health system is Heshoutang Natural Health System, one management system is Heshoutang management software. It is the only way to build up the strongest natural health entity which can really benefit all people who are involved in heshoutang, we only need to set up the correct and reasonable benefit's rule for all people who are working for us.
  • Heshoutang insists on health purposes to run Heshoutang business.
    • There are two kinds of natural health businesses, one is for money purposes, the other is for health purposes. Heshoutang does every joint of the business on health purpose: Health is the only focus when Heshoutang Members are dealing with clients.
      • Make every effort to improve and guarantee product quality.
      • Be very serious and strict with Heshoutang natural health system training.
      • Be very serious and strict with Heshoutang system students' qualifications.
      • Be very serious and strict with Heshoutang system teachers' qualifications.
  • Heshoutang insists on doing good to heshoutang people.
    • Take all Heshoutang People as Family Members.
    • Make the most reasonable and correct compensation plan.
    • Set up the mechanism for all heshoutang people to be heshoutang owners.
  • Heshoutang insists on setting up wealth-share opportunities for non-heshoutang people or entities
    • By working for Heshoutang.
    • By integrating the Heshoutang system.
    • By investing in Heshoutang.
  • Heshoutang insists on building up a natural health climate for the whole world.
    • By H-MEDIA, the free platform for all natural health followers, specialists, and business owners.
      • Real, useful, and helpful information only is allowed on the platform.
Natural Health System

Heshoutang natural health system is the world's #1 natural health system which is easy to learn, proved by hundreds of graduates, highly effective, and safe proved by tens of thousands of patients globally. It uses limited and easy to understand symptoms instead of unlimited disease names to describe all health issues and creates the relationship between symptoms and products to teach people how to use the correct Heshoutang products according to patients' situation individually. Heshoutang natural health system is really great because it offers unlimited business/work opportunities for people and improves people's health in a natural way.

  • Heshoutang has 40 formula products that have been proved to be effective and safe in Heshoutang natural health system with capsule dose, patch dose, tea bag dose and spray dose. All Heshoutang products are 100% natural with GESIN standard to be made:
  • Geo herbalism: Our product's ingredients some need the raw powder, some need the extracts of the herbs. For the herbs of these two forms, we all select authentic herbs or geoherbs seriously to guarantee their quality and effectiveness.
  • Effectiveness: All our products' ingredients or formulas are selected under a clear and precise history record matching the products' actions and indications. In this way to guarantee products are effective and long history applications, nothing is stronger than long history applications to prove. And also we study and collect modern research about its effectiveness and toxicity, never exaggerating the functions.
  • Safety: We guarantee our products to be safe in three ways. Firstly, some herbs are toxic, can not be taken, or can not be taken for a long time. When we select the herbs, we give up all toxic herbs though some herbs are very effective for the diseases; Secondly, all our products are created under GMP condition; Third, we do a heavy metal treatment for every herb and every batch, and the biocidal treatment is done separately.
  • Individualization: Pattern identification and treatment, individuation is the key to natural health, it refers to different people, different times, different seasons, and different formulas to guarantee the treatment is correct, effective, and the most reasonable.
  • Nature: All our products are 100% herbal, no hormones and chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no caffeine.
Management System

Heshoutang has also created a unique management system: Heshoutang management system, which is used for running Heshoutang's unique Natural Health system. Heshoutang's management system is a new business model, which can motivate all people to work effectively. This especially includes the Heshoutang Dollar (Heshoutang Credit) idea, which in the system will integrate all Heshoutang people working together organically.

The Heshoutang management system classifies six levels of Heshoutang Members: BM(Basic Member), LM(Leading Master), SM(State Manager), CM(Country Manager), RHM(Regional Heshoutang Manager), GHM(Global Heshoutang Manager).

All members are required to use The Heshoutang Management System to run the business. The Heshoutang Management System will calculate all members' benefits as per the rules below, and all members will be paid by Heshoutang according to the Heshoutang Management System calculation. Heshoutang Management System is set up at Heshoutang Global, all members will log in to the system with their Heshoutang Member Certificate ID.

Heshoutang Management System is not a Multi-Level Marketing system, it is a creative system according to Heshoutang's own business situation. It really can unite all Heshoutang Members together by the best and unique rules.


H-MEDIA is shorted for Heshoutang Media, it belongs to Heshoutang Holdings Inc., it was born for spreading natural health information on the basis of Heshoutang Natural Health System to build up alternative knowledge for people to learn about their health, so people will have more options to maintain and improve their health.

H-MEDIA is a free platform where all natural health followers, natural health specialists, natural health business owners can read, write, talk by live streaming and discuss all natural health related news, knowledge, opinions, and testimonials in order to build up the natural health climate.

H-MEDIA insists on producing and providing real, useful, and helpful natural health information only.


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