How to Cook Ginger Tea

ginger jujube

Ginger Tea
Ginger 4 pcs like picture above + Jujubae 4 pcs like picture above + 1 Litter Purified Water
Mix all above and then boil with pot with strong fire till boiling, and keep boiling for about 20 minutes, then drink the tea and at the same time eat Jujubae.

Fresh Ginger in Chinese Name is “生姜”, pinyin is "Sheng Jiang", it is acrid and warm, goes into lungs, spleen and stomach.

Actions & Indications: Evaporates the exterior and rids of coldness, alleviates stuffy nose, pain of intestine hernia, vomiting, stops coughing with chronic lung disorders with phlegm.

Medical Functions of Sheng Jiang:
♥ Protects liver cells from damage from CCl4
♥ Anti-bacteria (especially Salmonella)
♥ Lowers blood lipids
♥ Cholagogue (promotes bile secretion)
♥ Reduces pain
♥ Calming
♥ Anti inflammation: it can block the effects of prostaglandins, substances that may cause inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain. and cause headache.
♥ Anti coagulation of platelets
♥ Anti allergy
♥ Anti tumors
♥ Anti hair growth (external use): the active ingredient 6-gingerol can suppress human hair growth via its inhibitory and pro-apoptotic effects on dermal papilla cells in vitro, and can cause prolongation of telogen phase in vivo. Thus, 6-gingerol rather than being a hair growth stimulating drug, it is a potential hair growth suppressive drug.

Fructus Zizyphi Jujubae in Chinese Name is "大枣", pinyin is "Da Zao", it is sweet and warm, goes into stomach and spleen.

Today Applications:
♥ treating allergic purpura
♥ treating chronic atrophic gastritis
♥ treating ulcers
♥ treating asthma of children
♥ treating bleeding of hemorrhoids
♥ treating purpura not due to low platelet count
♥ treating diarrhea

Medical function:
♥ improves cAMP
♥ calms the central nervous system
♥ inhibits histamine, IgE, and 5-HT (serotonin)
♥ protects liver
♥ improves strength of muscles
♥ inhibits cell mutation and inhibits cancer cells
♥ treating skin cancer:the active ingredients betulinic acid
♥ and maslinic acid possess the effect of inhibiting cancer cells
♥ preventing reaction in blood transfusion

Recent Study:
♥ CNS sedative effect: it effective ingredients are the same as those in the seed which possess the sedative, hypnotic and antihypertensive effect.
♥ Liver protective effective: in study of the liver of rabbits that have been injured by CCl4. The total serum protein obviously was higher than those of control group, after feed the decoction of da zao continuously for one week.
♥ Anti-cancer, anti-mutation: it inhibits the multiplying of cancer cells of mice.
♥ Increases the muscle strength: after continuously feeding the decoction for 3 weeks, the body weight of mice, compared to control group, increased and the swimming time increased.
♥ Da zao can increase the amount of monocytes in the body: can improve the function of mononuclear phagocyte system, protect the liver, improve the strength of the body.
♥ Da zao can increase the oxygen content of the body, nourish the cells. It is a mild tonic.






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