A Typical Case of Diabetes

  • specialcaseI have received three diabetes patients recently in my local place:
  • All these three patients from my one friend, who is our company registeration agent, one is his mother, the second is his uncle, the third is his father in law. His mother, 56 years old, 3 years history with diabetes, I sent 2 months supply of GlucoNature to his mother one and half month ago, recently I received his calls and he said GlucoNature is really good and his mother's most diabetes symptoms disappeared, and she feels much happy, his uncle and his father in law also has diabetes and he had invited them to my office.
  • His uncle, 54 years old, working in Personnel Bureau, over 10 years diabetes. During last 10 years, he could not control his diet because it is impossible to manage his mouth as civil servant, and also he did not follow doctor's advice to take chemicals strictly, only sometimes took, most time he did not take chemicals. His present body conditions mostly are ok except for a little higher blood sugar level, he has energy to work, to live and to trip. Afer I checked his condition, I told him you are in earlier stage of diabetes though you have been diagnosed as diabetes over 10 years, in fact you even need not to take GlucoNature, I recommended him one kind of tea, and told him this tea can protect you your later life...
  • His father in law, 60 years old, retired, over 10 years of diabetes. During last 10 more years, he followed the doctor's advice strictly, never touched foods and drinks with sugar, took melbine etc., up to now, he has to inject insulin to support life. He becomes very weak now, pale face and even he can not walk himself free, when he came to my office, he was carried by his daughter in law...... I told him you only can use two months treatment of GlucoNature, and after two months we should offer individual treatment by comprehensive plan... In fact to recover him is very difficult now.
  • There is so big difference between these two patients who follows and does not follows strict control treatment, it apparently tells us Glucose is first important for people, only controling blood sugar level without fixing body functions is wrong.

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