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Heshoutang Arizona Clinic #01 locates in 9035 N 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051, USA, together with Heshoutang Headquarters. We do personal natural health assessment face to face for all common health issues what you have, and we have helped a lot of customers to improve their health situation. We serve with English, Spanish and Mandarin. 
Please select "Face to Face" service, select the "Practitioner" you like to book an appointment and get your personal natural health assessment face to face.
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  • Really thankful


    I suffer from eczema since I was 10 my skin was really dry I couldn't do any physical exercise with sweating and anything like that because my skin would pretty much fall off. I had it my face my body my legs, every single part I always felt like I was boiling inside. I came here to Heshoutang in April and I was expecting to get like a lotion because that's why I alwas got it and dermatologists they gave me lotions after lotions and all these type of things, but dr. Tom gave me a different approach where he gave me medicine like natural medicine and pills and I tried it and within the first ten days I saw a 50% improvement and I took another two treatments and from then until now it's been an eighty percent difference - it will not have a normal life where I can sweat and I'm really thankful to to the system that they offer here because it really changed my life in a lot of ways.
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  • this is the place to come.


    So we went on the internet and we found Heshoutang and so we decided to give it a try and we came here and they put him on a regimen of herbs and I mean the professionalism was really great we had such a beautiful experience and I mean the people here is so good the herbs and everything they worked so good and now the John he can take care of himself he can eat he can walk and get around there's no more swelling he can grasp things, he could raise his arms and it's just really a beautiful experience and I'd advise anybody any medical problems to come and see Heshoutang because this is the place to come.
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