How Heshoutang Members can use the Assessment System

  • We have discussed that members will receive the bookings' notification by email on HERE after the clients book the appointments. Now we will mainly talk about how you can check your appointments with your Heshoutang user account.

    • Every Heshoutang member listed in the Heshoutang assessment system will have a user account. We will communicate the member's account credentials on the Heshoutang Discord Communication Platform or by email.
    • With your user account's details, please log in HERE.
  • After you login your account, click right top "Clinic/Office Account"...
  • You will see the panel below and manage your bookings...
  • Heshoutang members who are doing Online services, after you receive the bookings, you should contact your clients to know what kind of online chat tool they would like to use, such as whatsapp, google meet, instegram, wechat etc, so you can meet or chat with your clients.
  • Heshoutang members who are doing face to face services, after you receive the bookings, you should contact your clients to confirm the appointments.
  • After you receive bookings, when you meet or chat with your clients, you should login into Heshoutang Management System HERE on "Member Login" area...
  • After you login into Heshoutang Management System, click Patients>>Questionnaire Backstage, and do clients' health information collection there.
  • After you submit the questionnaire, you will get your client's health infomation in "My Patients" area, then you can work on the health plan etc. How to use the Heshoutang Management System, please contact Charo or Tom on Heshoutang Discord Communication Platform.


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