To know how the wind will affect you


Wind is in the first position of all six weathers as we mentioned before: Wind, cold, heat, dampness, dry and fire. Wind is fire energy, it will consume your water energy and it is sportive. Wind will blow the world, when it works with warm in Spring, everything will start growing; when it works with hot in Summer, everything will grow fast; when it works with cool in Autumn, everything will be down; when it works with cold in Winter; everything will hide. Wind happens in Spring more often or windy circumstances.

Wind is classified as internal and external wind. External wind is from nature, internal wind is generated by your own body. External Wind mainly invades your body through skin, head, upper and lower back, external wind can open pores for people to have sweat, but when wind & cold together attack you, you will catch wind & cold flu in natural health, you will have no sweat with discomfort in head, upper and lower back, you can use ginger tea to drive wind & cold out of your body to stop the flu; when wind & heat together attack you, you will catch wind & heat flu, you will have sweat with discomfort in head, upper and lower back, you can use mint tea to drive wind & heat out of your body to stop this kind of flu. Remember on the first day when you catch the flu to take strong ginger tea or mint tea is very important for you to stop the flu at the same day. External wind can make itchy skin or pimples, but pimples will be red because wind is fire toxin, and flickering because wind is sportive, external wind can make joints' pain but the pain will be wandering from its sportive property.

Internal wind will make people shaking, vertigo, twitching of limbs, angulation of horn arch, looking up with both eyes from its sportive property either.

Most health issues caused by external & internal wind need a comprehensive natural health plan to work out...(to be continued>>)

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Saturday, 10 April 2021
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