Know how foods & drinks impact on your health in natural health way


Foods & drinks have five temperature properties and six taste properties.

Five temperature properties refer to warm, cool, cold, hot & neutral; six taste properties refer to sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty & bland.

Cool is opposite to warm, cold is opposite to hot. Cool/cold is water energy and it can clean heat/hot/fire toxin & replenish water energy to make water and fire energy balance. Cool & cold is used for hot/hyper problems. If you are normal or cool/cold has made you normal, but you keep taking cool/cold, especially keep taking cold stuff(including foods & drinks and herbal products), cool/cold will become water toxin to make you cold. That is why even for normal people, especially cold stuff can not be taken often, once cold stuff finishes its task, the dosage of cold stuff should be reduced or you should stop taking cold stuff.
Warm & hot is fire energy and it can remove cold toxin and replenish fire energy to make water and fire energy balance.  Warm & hot is used for cold/hypo problems. If you are normal or warm/hot has made you normal, but you keep taking warm/hot, especially keep taking hot stuff(including foods & drinks and herbal products), warm/hot will become fire toxin to make you hot. That is why even for normal people, especially hot stuff can not be taken often, once hot stuff finishes its task, the dosage of hot stuff should be reduced or you should stop taking hot stuff.
If you want to know what kind of foods & drinks you should take, you have to know what kind of property of your body it is. If you feel body cold, no energy, pale face, weak voice, loose or watery stool, your problem is becoming worse when cold weather comes or at night, or you have hypo function of your body, generally it means your body is cold; on the contrary, if you feel body hot, red face, strong voice, constipation, or you have hyper function of your body, generally it means your body is hot. You can know more about your body by learning Heshoutang Natural Health System.
If your body is the cold property, you should avoid cold stuff, take less cool stuff and more warm/hot stuff; if your body is hot property, you should avoid hot stuff, take less warm stuff and more cool/cold stuff. Everyone can take neutral foods & drinks but avoid too much full stomach, and avoid midnight dinner.
We have listed properties of common foods and drinks below as reference.
Warm Gains: Glutinous rice, black rice, sago, sorghum.
Cool Grains: Millet, wheat, big sale, buckwheat, coix seed, mung bean.
Neutral Grains: Rice, corn, barley, rice bran(rice bran), sweet potato(potato, sweet potato), sesame, soybean, rice cowpea(white bean), peas, lentils, broad beans, red beans, black soybeans, oats.
Warm Meat: Beef, beef tripe, beef marrow, lamb, lamb, lamb, lamb bone, lamb marrow, chicken, black chicken, goat milk, shrimp, cockles(clams), silver carp, hairtail, bream, catfish, halibut, minnow(white stripe), trout, eel(lake), big head fish.
Cool Meat: Duck meat, horse milk, abalone.
Cold Meat: Duck eggs (slightly cold), crabs, clams, oyster meat, viviparid, mussels, clam meat (river clams), mullet, octopus.
Neutral Meat: Pork, pork heart, pig kidney, pig liver, egg, quail, milk(slightly cold), yogurt, human milk, turtle (slightly cold), loach, eel(sea), crucian carp, herring.
Warm Fruits: Peach, apricot, jujube, lychee, longan meat, bergamot, lemon(slightly warm), kumquat, bayberry, pomegranate, papaya, betel nut, pine nuts, walnut kernel, cherry.
Cool Fruits: Apple (slightly cool), pear, reed orange, orange, strawberry(slightly cool), mango, loquat, mangosteen, water chestnut, lotus seed core, lily.
Cold Fruits: Persimmon, grapefruit, banana, mulberry, carambola, fig, kiwi, sugar cane, watermelon, melon.
Neutral Fruits: Plums, shago, pineapples, grapes, olives, sunflower seeds, juniper berries, pumpkin seeds, guoshi(chicken fruit), lotus seeds, coconut juice, cypress nuts, peanuts, ginkgo, hazelnuts, hawthorn, chestnut.
Warm Vegetables: Spring onion, garlic, leek, coriander(coriander), snow red, onion, toon head, pumpkin.
Cool Vegetables: Tomatoes, celery, eggplant, rape, kohlrabi, wild rice, amaranth, marran, spinach, lettuce, cauliflower, artemisia, tofu, gluten, lotus root, winter melon, sweet potato, loofah, cucumber, sea celery, mushrooms, enoki.
Cold Vegetables: Cigu(slightly cold), purslane, convolvulus, auricularia, arborescens, bamboo shoots(slightly cold), hyacinth, cabbage, kelp, seaweed, ground ear, straw mushroom, bitter melon, water chestnut.
Hot Vegetables: Chili
Neutral Vegetables: Chinese yam, radish, carrot, cabbage, garland chrysanthemum, kohlrabi, green cabbage, hen head, tempeh, cowpea, potato, taro, ginger, jellyfish, black fungus, shiitake mushroom, oyster mushroom, hericium Mushrooms and gourds.
Warm Others: Ginger, Amomum, Zanthoxylum, Perilla, Cumin, Clove, Star Anise, Fennel, Shannai, Liquor, Vinegar, Black Tea, Soda, Coffee, Brown Sugar, Osmanthus.
Hot Others: Cinnamon, Pepper.
Cool Others: Green tea, honey, royal jelly, hops, sophora japonica(acacia), chrysanthemum, mint, white peony root, Adenophora, American ginseng, cassia seed.
Cold Others: Soy sauce, noodle sauce, salt, honeysuckle, bitter cauliflower, bitter gourd tea, bitter tea, thatch root, reed root, alum.
Neutral Others: White sugar, rock sugar(slightly cool), soy milk, wolfberry(slightly warm), ganoderma lucidum, white fungus(slightly cool), bird's nest, corn beard, yellow essence, gastrodia, codonopsis, Poria, hay, chicken gold, jujube seed, vegetable oil, sesame oil, peanut oil , Soybean oil, caramel.
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