Heshoutang Management System|Patients

  • In this module you can work on your own patients and check your members' Patients
  • All members are required working on their patients through Heshoutang management system.
  • You need record all patients information and health plans into Heshoutang Management system.
  • You can fill out your patients' questionnaire by phone consultation or even by face to face consultation, or you can ask your patients to fill out questionnaire, but whatever, you or your patients should fill out your Heshoutang Member ID in HM ID section before doing submission, with this way, your patients' questionnaire will be transfered into your account only.
  • After you receive questionnaire, you should analyse the questionnaire and make health plan in Heshoutang Management System for every time visit or consultant of your patients, then you have all information of your patients in one place.


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