How to Tell the Plan for Your Health is Correct or Not


Ok, the last time we explained individualization health is the only the correct health for the people, but you know when the people are using the natural health system or are using the individualization health plans, how they can know the health plan is correct or not, or how the clients or how the people can know about that, because after you use the health plan to the people, they need to see the results, they need to see how it is working, and then to tell the plan from you if it is correct or not, so it is another kind of level to explain the health plan what you offer to the people, the people themselves can tell if it is right for them or not, but how can tell, we will give you the guidance also. 

After you used the health plans from the health providers or from doctors from practitioners or any other kinds of professionals, ok? If you are better and better when you take it, if you are better or healed when you stop it, your problem is not coming back after you stop it, then it is the correct individualization health plan for you. In fact, this kind of information is telling all the people including the healthcare providers, including the patients to know if the plan is correct for them or not, very easy, very easy, again ok? When you are taking the plan, you feel better and better day by day, this means the health plan is improving your health, is improving your functions; and after you stopped the plan, you feel better or you feel healed or you are healed, and your problems are gone, ok? And after you stop the health plan, your problems will not come back, this is the correct plan for you, this means the health plan you are taking is right for you. 

You know nowadays, there are too many kinds of health plans, there are too many kinds of medications, ok? When you are taking it, you feel good, after you stop it, your problems are worse, even when you are taking it, your problems also become worse and worse, and also you have to take it your whole life, this kind of plans comparing with this kind of information, it is not right, because the health plan for heal, the health plan is not for making more problems, if the health plan what you are taking is making more problems, making you can not leave it, making you are addicted inside, make you have lifelong taking, this is not right, this means they are not fixing the problems, even though you can feel some comfortable when you are taking it, this means they are hiding your real problems temporarily, ok? It is not right.

Natural health, Traditional Chinese medicine, and also including other kinds of traditional medicines from wherever, Africa, Asia, Europe, even America, Latin America, ok? They are for healing, what is healing, healing is when you take it, your problem is better, your problem is healed, and you can stop it, when you stop it, you are good, this means the plan is correct, is right for you, it is also very easy to understand, remember, Heshoutang natural health system or Heshoutang will offer the real, useful and the best and the correct health information for you and also the information is very simple for anybody can easily understand it, with this, you no need ask any kinds of professionals, so you will know yourself with Heshoutang natural health concepts, points, opinions to know if your body is working correctly or not, if the health plan you are taking is correct or not, this kind of information is not only used for Heshoutang natural health system, it can be used for any kinds of health plans what you are taking, it is used for any kinds of therapies what you are using, so that is why Heshoutang natural health system is good for everybody, thank you.

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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
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