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Hi ladies and gentlemen, now we will explain chapter 14 of Heshoutang natural health system, it is called "about fever from Flu". In fact, the fever from flu, like inflammation, is well known by almost everybody and everybody knows what it means. But today the information we will give you is something different as you know too. 

The fever belongs to the self-protection or recovery system of your body. This point most people can understand and this point tell you the fever is good, the only thing is the fever is not too much ok? In fact, when the people catch flu, the fever what happens in natural health when people catch flu, it means the wind & cold or the wind & heat is attacking your body, in conventional medicine, it says virus but most people can not find the virus in their body, even though they have the flu symptoms, ok? So when the wind & cold or the wind & heat is attacking your body, your body self-recovery system including your own immune system will fight against those enemies like wind & cold and wind & heat, when they fight the fever happens; that is the explanation of the fever from natural health,  So Your body is fighting for what? For driving those kinds of enemies out of your body, so if you want recovery, what is the correct thing you should do? The correct thing is not reducing the fever directly, you need to remove the wind & cold or wind & heat or we can say to remove the virus, and then your fever will come down itself. 

Fever is a stress response of your body to fight against enemies. You know the other days when we were talking about diabetes, we said that for diabetes patients, high blood sugar level is a stress response of your body, in Heshoutang Natural Health system, if we call it is a stress response, it means it should happen, whatever the sugar level high, whatever the fever, the high blood pressure, whatever, it should happen, sure, can not be so much, as we said before, if too much high sugar level, it will damage you, but how we can know it is damaging your body? Dizziness, if you have a high sugar level and you have dizziness, it means it is damaging you, and it is hurting your body, ok? So the fever also, fever can not be so high, if it is too high, that could be a problem. 

But anyway, if we say it is a stress response, that means the body should have this kind of response or should have this kind of situation, if you want to remove it or stop it, you need to know how to stop it correctly, fever, right? You can not reduce fever directly with some therapies, ok? The correct way is driving out of wind & cold, driving out of wind & heat, or even the virus out of your body, ok? That is the correct way, so it is like here we say "bring down the fever only without removing enemies(enemies for here, it is like wind & cold, wind & heat or we can say the virus, ok?) is not right", ok?

"To remove enemies or help your body to, the fever will go down itself". How to help? Make your own energy strong, make your own immune system strong, ok? In natural health, there are specific ways for making it stronger, for driving wind & cold or wind & heat out of your body, the natural health has a complete method or solutions for that, it is from thousands of years ago, ok? I just can give you an example for you to understand, ok? If you catch a fever from wind & cold flu, generally you will have a runny nose, a headache, and tight neck, or even you can have phlegm or cough or all over the body like muscle pains, you could have that, but you will have no sweat, if you have no sweat, it is wind & cold is attacking you, like this what will help, ginger is hot, hot for cold, cold for hot, so you use ginger hot we can say foods or herbs ok? Boil the ginger and brown sugar tea to take it and wind & cold enemies will be driven out of your body, and then your flu will stop, ok? Sure the ginger and brown sugar tea will also make your body stronger, will make your immune system stronger, ginger tea does not dismiss your soldiers directly, it helps your body to drive the wind & cold that kind of enemies out of your body, after your do that, your fever will disappear, your headache will disappear, ok? Your runny nose will stop, ok? So this is the information that we need to tell every person today about the fever from the flu, ok? Thank you.  

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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
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